About Baby Gift Baskets

My Baby Gift Baskets And More came about because of my own experience with sugar and processed foods.

Born sickly, I had my tonsils out before I was 3 years old. (This was considered a health benefit at the time.)

I nearly failed first grade because I was sick so much. I got it all: mumps, both kinds of measles, and throat infections.

My parents didn’t really know much about nutrition beyond the basics. And sugar was a big part of our diet. Pop Tarts, cinnamon sugar toast, and cereals were the breakfast norm in our household.

I never thought anything about it until I became an adult. Some of friends started warning me about the dangers of sugar and I became curious.

What I learned eventually became a lifestyle. It took a lot of time and persistence but eventually I got off of the white stuff.

As you journey through this site, just remember that the first real step towards change is education followed by action.

Read and take action.