Congratulations Popcorn Tin – 2 Gallons by WisconsinMade

The Congratulations Popcorn Tin by Mike's Popcorn is a perfect way to say Congratulations with freshly popped gourmet pocorn. The silver 2 gallon tin has a colorful label on the front with the word Congratulations. Choose from seven flavors and flavor combinations – Carameliscious, Cheeseliscious, Fireliscious, Party Mix, Triple Mix, White and Traditional 3-Way Combo. Carameliscious is sweet, crunchy and very good. Cheeseliscious Popcorn has the bold taste of cheese. Fireliscious has the bold taste of jalapeno and is on fire. Party Mix is sweet and salty combining Carameliscious and Cheeseliscious. Triple Mix is a blend of White, Carameliscious and Cheeseliscious. White is a traditional white popcorn recipe used for over 40 years. Traditional 3-Way Combo includes three equal sections of White, Cheeseliscious and Carameliscious.

Price: $27.49
Condition: new

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