Is Your Addiction Also An Allergy?

If you suffer from seasonal allergies and have a sugar addiction, then that’s a pretty good sign sugar is a culprit. The two look very similar. Seasonal allergies cause: Sneezing Runny nose Coughing Nasal Inflammation Tiredness Guess what? A sugar intolerance can cause the same symptoms, plus: Gastrointestinal distress–bloating, constipation orĀ diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal pain Malabsorption–You […]

How To Ease Yourself Off Of Sugar Without Going Nuts

So, you’ve got: An expanding waistline Your doctor telling you to lose some weight Metabolic syndrome (or some other chronic illness) Your brain telling you to disregard everything you’ve read about sugar. And BTW, grab a Snickers, please And, your family thinks you’ve become a health nut On behalf of all of us who’ve walked […]

Is Sugar The New Cocaine?

It’s hard to believe that until recently sugar was practically nonexistent in our diet. And that was how nature intended it to be! Scientists now believe that the sweet receptors on the tongue evolved in ancestral times when the caveman’s diet was low in sugar. The problem? We have not adapted to the modern world’s […]

Our Broken Food System

“I’ve tried every kind of diet there is and nothing gets the weight off.” Does that refrain sound familiar? For way too many years, we assumed that fat people were lazy. Or that they just didn’t try hard enough. If they did, certainly the weight would come off. Now we know differently. Our food system […]